This is the homepage of Rocket Research Göttingen (RRG). Rocketry is not as common a hobby throughout Europe as it is in the USA because of the strict laws and regulations in some countries. Those restrictions faced by the model and high power rocketeers are sometimes even more severe for amateur and experimental rocketry. While manufacturing solid propellant rocket motors in Germany is legal only to those with a proper license, there are no such regulations for hybrid or liquid propellant rockets (of course, that does not mean it's not regulated at all). If you don't know what all that rocketry talk is about, please visit the link section and explore the homepages of the rocketry organisations listed there, or better yet, find out a group in your area and join one of their launches.

On this page you will find documention of our work with liquid bipropellant rocket engines as well as constructing the related testing equipment. As we are not professional aerospace engineers, don't expect to see highly sophisticated state-of-the art rocket engines like this one. If you're not familiar with rockets at all, check out either the rocketry pages in the link section, or go here for a short introduction.

The engines and the test stand displayed here were conceived and built by amateurs for educational purposes and for fun - it is a hobby after all. Some might regard it as a dangerous obsession, but with the right background and adequate safety precautions, this is a very rewarding and safe hobby. One word of caution at the end: remember, we are dealing with high pressure environments and flammable, sometimes corrosive liquids here.There's nothing like the feeling when you see your own rocket engine come to life on the test stand or witness a rocket of your design roar into the sky...but it is not worth risking your health or even your life for it.

If you would like more information or safety tips, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with the info you need or tell you where you can get it.

Clicking on one of the buttons to the left will take you to the corresponding section. There will be frequent updates, so be sure to check back every once in a while. Enjoy!

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